Easy Step to Make Windows Desirable

This app will definitely improve your productivity during the quarantine

Photo by Panos Sakalakis on Unsplash

Work From Home, Learn From Home

Around early March this year, I wake up to found the government voice out self-quarantine. They are taking measures preventing COVID-19 to spread. My father called one of his colleagues and said, “This is once a lifetime experience, there’s nothing alike happen in our past.” Indeed, our descendants will read Wikipedia and witness what happened in 2020. We’re making history.

Now We’re stuck with work from home. We’re stuck with learning from home. Basically, stare at our laptop with no social interaction.

I long for smiles when greeting strangers every morning. Get my car start and play my favorite playlists in iTunes. A typical day every human would experience. The problem is, it’s not here anymore. COVID-19 invades humanity. Countries begin to race for a vaccine. Until it has been found, the future still remains uncertain. Scaredy-cat begins to develop anxiety and affect their mental health. Chill out, it’s going to be alright.

Just another day a week ago I was surfing the web countlessly. By a sheer chance to witness a guy launch brutally honest comment, he said, “ Damn it! the world going to end soon, and I haven’t taste manhood! I wish to do it sooner!” Someone actually reveals their natural desire. I laugh hard while reading his comment.

After a little thought about his comment, maybe he’s just as bored as I am. Longing for a good small talk while holding Starbucks on our hand.

Right now, we are forced to use video calls for meeting with our colleagues or teachers. Some disable their camera for a bucket list of reasons. Some fascinated by using Zoom. In reality, we stare at a screen.

Sometimes it gets boring and unmotivated, then our productivity becomes to decrease. Lack of direct physical communication might affect one’s performance. This is enough for me to search for a solution. I want my Windows to become more fun and desirable. How to make myself motivated while working or learning in front of a laptop screen at the same time?

The idea desktop companion comes to my mind. And this is how I stay motivated which results in boosted productivity.

Search For eSheep

According to the publisher, Adriano, eSheep is a 16-bit application from the year 1995. Tatsutoshi Nomura was the one who creates it first. When Windows got developed from Windows 7 onwards, eSheep doesn’t work anymore.

Apparently, He wrote a simple application to reproduce eSheep capabilities. Adriano claim to missed it so much, which makes him willing to make an effort. Right now we could run eSheep in Windows 10 and I personally excited after installed for a quite while.

The original one only capable summon a Sheep on your screen (As far as know). With a little magic He uses, there are varieties of desktop companion we could choose. Even more, we could create our own desire pet.

It’s worth it

Whenever I look at cats running around my screen, I feel refreshed and sometimes even laugh unreasonably. eSheep does motivate me to keep going stare at my screen and get my job done. This is for anyone who dares to try some silly Windows app on the web. Anyway, it’s worth your time. You definitely going to experience unique computing by using eSheep. If you’re interested, don’t forget to spare your time to try and support the publisher! Have a good day!

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