I’m 2 Miles Away From Success, Keep on It

The only motivation matters for a satisfying life.

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I’m rather blunt in this matter. Considering prosperity as a life goal is not a wrong choice. It’s not about becoming materialistic, but a simple honesty of my true self.

Living my life without anxieties about financial problems is the utmost satisfying life.

There are millions of ambitious people out there who are currently craving their road to success. But, as Dan Peña once said,

It’s bloody hard.

I admire how Dan Peña said It’s bloody hard.

Anyway, whatever success stories you’re trying to crave right now, It doesn’t matter. As long as you love it, and would be able to picture yourself satisfied once your dream comes true.

For anyone out there who strive for success, It’s bloody hard. And this is how you changed it into It’s bloody easy.

The relation between people and your success

Success is competition. We are running towards a goal, which other people might be running toward the same gate.

Be specific.

What’s your dream job? Let’s say a programmer, are you the only one who case in this field?

Maybe you’re working in a team for digital content creation. Are there any competitors?

These 2 question says a lot about your success road for a satisfying life. Whatever fields currently you’re working on, there will always be someone ahead of you and someone ahead of this particular person or company.

In terms of financial stability and career, you might encounter a younger fellow already several steps ahead.

One particular guy in a discord server once sends a message which says, “ The feels when a 12 years old Youtuber make more money than you do.”

Oh man, does my life suck this much?

I believe anyone who pursues a particular career will eventually work himself or herself to develop the skills and competency needed because they have to.

Aside from skills and competency, there’s one factor that intrigued me the most.

The name is determination.

A firm determination is a determinant. Either you’re going to be stuck in the desert or arrive in your paradise.

Nathan is a colleague who starts in the same year as yourself. The president of the company decides to place both of you in the same department.

There is no difference between what He does and what you’ve accomplished. Without any notice, suddenly, the president promotes Nathan to a higher position.

What are you going to do if such an experience takes place?

If it were me, I would be jealous of Nathan. Jealousy is an expected emotion anyone will experience sooner or later.

As I grew older, such emotion begins to appear out of nowhere. When I’m scrolling social media feeds, looking at stories on Instagram, etc.

Success is competition. A fair one.

It’s bloody hard because it takes effort and time. It’s even more bloody hard if you begin to feel insecure and give up.

Care not for what’s your surroundings told you. Care not about how a 12 years old Youtuber makes more money than you do. It’s your own life and your world.

I often found myself in the bridge of giving up because of insecurities. I’m jealous of how people already steps ahead.

Jealousy brings destruction. You begin to feel insecure, and after days, start to give up. Throw away such thought and mindset.

Success is competition. A competition of those who affirm their determination, not of those who receive it at a young age.

It’s bloody easy

I’m 2 miles away From success, keep on It.

My insecurities and tendency to give up bring my inner self to break off with those chains. It’s disturbing to be welcomed by jealousy every morning.

Success is a competition of those who affirm their determination.

Stop comparing on how some people already steps ahead of you. You’re the only one sailing on your own life and world. Start to affirm your determination.

I’m 2 miles away from success, keep on it.

I’m 1 mile away from success.

I’ve arrived.

It’s the only motivation matters for a satisfying life. Affirm yourself even there are plenty who’s ahead of you. It’s bloody easy when you begin to think it is.

What is success? Success is a competition of those who affirm their determination until they reach it.

You’re the only one sailing on your own life and world. Be content and satisfied with your accomplishment.

Let’s walk on a journey together!

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